Influenza Symptoms
(caused by the H1N1 virus which is airborne)

body aches, muscle and joint pain

headache, a sore throat and

a unproductive cough with

occasionally harsh breathing

fever, which ranged from

37.7 to 40 C  and lasted for

a few days

The onset was sudden, you felt  extreme dizziness, weakness and pain whether: on duty, at work, at home, or in  the street.

After the disease was established the mucous membranes became reddened with sneezing. In some cases there was a haemorrhage of the mucous membranes of the nose and bloody noses were commonly seen. Vomiting occurred on occasion, and also sometimes diarrhea but more commonly there was constipation (JAMA, 10/3/1918).

It was a tendency for secondary complications, such as pneumonia, that made this influenza infection so deadly. Some pneumonia victims suffocated in their own secretions.

In a Canadian bio hazard laboratory, reconstructed H1N1 virus was found to easily infect macaque monkeys, spread quickly throughout the lungs, and kill within a few days.

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