This is the story of Karoly Vikar, a young Hungarian man. It will be your story during this activity.

My name is Karoly Vikar. I am 24 years old. Some would think that is a wonderful age for a strong, handsome man like me. Some people just don't see that I have a broken heart. I feel old and broken.

Let me explain.

I live in Budapest, a large city here in Hungary. Our family's apartment is large but crowded. My parents, 2 sisters, a brother and an uncle all share the apartment. We don't have much space or privacy, but neither do our neighbours. My father and I are barge workers on the Danube River. All week, we load and unload freight from the busy docks. Boxes and crates and bundles of freight. It's a good job for me-I'm young and strong and not afraid to use my muscles. The pay is fair, too. Twice a week we all go to Mass at our Roman Catholic church.

My friend Janos and I play soccer with our team as often as we can. I love to boot the ball, to run, to share in the game with my comrades. Now soccer is my only joy, for my heart is broken.

Did I tell you about Aniko? When I met Aniko, I knew I wanted to marry her at once. But her father has forbidden us to meet any more. He says that I am not good enough to marry his daughter. Our marriage can never happen. So now I live with a broken heart. What can I do?

My cousin wrote a letter today to our home from Canada. The North West. Some place called the Crowsnest Pass in Alberta. He's like me-likes to work and earn some money using his muscles. He's a coal miner there in Canada. Maybe if I go there and make some money, I can come back and make a good impression on my Aniko's father. Maybe Canada is the solution to my problems.

I wonder?