This is the story of Laurent Trudel, a farmer from Quebec. If will be your story during his activity.

My name is Laurent Trudel. For generations, my family has farmed here south of the St. Lawrence River near St. Hyacinthe. Our ties to our farmlands, our Roman Catholic parish, and, of course, our family members, are very strong. Marie-Claire, my wife, shares with me a great many worries about the future. In all my 35 years, I have never faced a more difficult decision then the one I must now make. Let me explain.

Trudels have farmed this land for many generations, as I have said, but our farm can no longer support the many family members who depend on it. Marie-Claire and I have 3 sons and a baby daughter. We cannot grow enough to eat or to sell with the lands we have. Our expenses are growing but our income is not. What should we do?

Many of our neighbours have faced the same problems, for the farms are not so big as the families. There are many mouths to feed! In many families, children grow up and move away - to Montreal to work in a factory, to Massachusetts to work in a textile mill. My parents and I sadly said farewell to many of my own brothers and sisters as, they left our parish.

Now Marie-Claire and I must discuss our future with our parents. We, too, have thought of moving to the city or New England but we now have a better plan.

Last Sunday, a priest from Saskatchewan visited our parish. He told of settled French speaking communities with Roman Catholic churches, schools and rich farmland. He said there was lots of free land for homesteading and francophone families are needed in the West.

Marie-Claire and I think this opportunity to move to Saskatchewan might solve our family's problems.

I wonder?