This is the story of Stanislas Malkowski, a Polish farm worker. It will be your story during this activity.

My name is Stanislas Malkowski. For all of my 30 years I have lived here in this farming community near Lodz. Since I was 13, I have worked so hard on the farm of my cousin. But like many Polish farmers, he is not a wealthy man. He cannot pay me decent wages, so my living is not good. Too much work. Not enough pay. The farms here are small and poor. Even so, I dream about owning a farm of my own someday. But it is just a dream. I know I can never own land in Poland if I continue at this job.

Another worry hangs over me. I do not want to serve in the army. I want to work, marry my sweetheart at our beautiful Roman Catholic church and raise a family. Not be a soldier. My army service notice will arrive soon, requiring me to sign up. I don't know how to refuse legally. I need a solution to my problems.

I heard about an agent from a railway company from a place called Canada coming to a nearby village. This agent says it is easy to immigrate to Canada. And once there, you can get a 160-acre (64 ha) farm for only $10. Lots of land they have in Canada's West. Rich farmland. And other work, too, in mines and forests. Even in cities. I need to investigate this. Maybe I can work as a logger in Alberta for a few years, earn some money, then settle down to farm. It sounds like the answer to my problems.

I wonder?