This is the story of Albert Harris, an English gentleman's son. It will be your story during this activity.My name is Albert Harris.

I am 27 years old and unmarried. I live on my family's estate in the English county of Wiltshire. Our life here is good. Our community prospers and each Sunday we worship together in our Church of England church.

For some weeks now, my parents and I have been talking about a problem: what to do with my life. I cannot stay here forever. This property, which includes my parents' large home and 650 hectares (1 500 acres) of land, has been in our family for many generations. My older brother Henry will take it over when my father dies. That leaves me without a home or a job. What alternatives do I have?

My father suggested I try settling in Canada. He's heard some very good things about the Canadian West. They need faithful, honourable, well-educated men like me to serve on their new police force, the North West Mounted Police. I've got many of the skills and qualities the N.W.M.P. is seeking. I can shoot straight, ride and care for a horse properly, keep calm and face danger and challenges skillfully. I'm a respectable, responsible man.

Canada offers many attractions. The country is not too faraway-a couple of weeks by steamer. And it's not a lawless place. The cost of living is reasonable. And many English families are making plans to settle there. The N.W.M.P. sounds like a good possibility for me.

I cannot stay much longer here in England. Maybe the Canadian West is the answer to my problems.

I wonder?